Monday, October 29, 2007

Shrinky Dink Cufflinks AND a Fratello Kit

ShrinkyDinkCufflinks 006
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The birthday love just keeps on coming my little chickadees. I'm verklempt, meine freunde, truly.

So, yesterday, I met up with my knittin' posse (official name still to be voted on) and we felted my Jellyfish Mobile that I received at the surprise party. You would not believe the beautiful jellies that came out of the felting process. They need to finish drying but I had to bring them to work today and show them to my knitter friends at work.

While we were working on attaching the testicles (aka tentacles), Stephen pulls out another birthday gift (he's in trouble for spoiling me) and what do I discover but the new exclusive Wollmeise colorway and matching pattern from Yarnissima called Fratello. Heavenly they are and must be seen in person to be believed. I don't have good pictures yet, but I'll be doing that this week. And I'll probably be bugging Marjan (Yarnissima) or Victor (Elemm) because they are the short row masters. So, yes, I'm feeling the fiber love, my friends.

Then.... this morning I get to work and find this lovely present on my desk (the picture above with the cute green paper and the amazing shrinkydink knitting decoration). At first I'm confused, because I can't figure out what the material is. It looks ceramic but perhaps metal. I then open it up to discover that it's hand made CUFF LINKS by my dear friend, Dennis. You might have heard me talk about Dennis and his art before. He's very talented and far too modest, but I hope one day to convince him to open an Etsy shop.

Here's a link to some more pix that Dennis took of the cufflinks.

Two more days in my birthday month, but I'm still getting gifts. I'm loving this whole 40 thing to pieces....


JPK said...

Dennis Vaux RAWKS!

Mel said...

I'm quite a fan of the Sherman short row method, so much so that I did a tutorial post on it. And if this is toe-up, you can do a Turkish cast on and not even have to have a provisional crochet chain.

Elemmaciltur said...

What do you need me for? I'm sure you can manage the short-rows without problems. ;-) Beside, you can always convert the short-row toe using the Magic Cast On. That's what I always do anyway.

WonderMike said...

Dennis Does indeed!

Mel, I should check out that Sherman Short row. I'm fine with Magic Loop and Judy's Magic Cast on, so I might take Victor's advice and do that.

Victor, you are a much better and more proficient knitter than I. That's what for!

peaknit said...

oh enjoy every second of your birthday month - so deserving! Love your little package - shrinky dink cufflinks - how original is that? And the Fratello kit - rocks! Happy birthday month!